Gift Sets


Give the gift of health and beauty! Great for Christmas, Hanukah, birthday, graduation, baby shower, house warming, host gift, college going away, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and simply  for yourself.


The Gift Sets all include the ICE ROLLER, a selection of plant-based SUPERFOODS, health & beauty products, and the KICK-START HEALTH PLAN.

The Ice Roller firms and tones the face, arms, and legs. It reduces puffiness under the eyes and tightens the jaw and chin. It helps to reduce fat and cellulite on arms, hips and legs.  The cold refreshes and reduces muscular aches and pains. It can be rolled on the soles of the feet  for a reflexology effect. It’s great for women, men, and children.


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Ruby Vase

This luxurious Ruby Vase is perfect as a candle holder or to fill with a beautiful plant or flowers. Made of glass. Vase $220. Shipping $15.


Golden Globe

Gorgeous Golden Globe great as a candle holder, plant or flower pot, or as a bowl for all your gold coins!

Globe is $210. Shipping $15.


Adorned Love Box

Adorned Love Box

A beautiful luxurious box made of fabric, sequence, beads, and a tassel. This gift box can be used for keepsakes, note cards, cigars, jewelry, or any prized items. Gift set is $230. Shipping is $15. 


The Bejeweled

This Bejeweled container is made of a mesh of crystals laced into a metal frame. It's a beautiful candle holder or decorative plant or flower holder. The Bejeweled $215. Shipping $15.


VIP North Pole Box

This is the largest box our the sets.  It can be repurposed to store Christmas decorations, keepsakes, or cards.

Box set $225. Shipping $20.


Royal Crystal Box

Ornate Royal Crystal Box embelished with beads, crystals, and silver shapes. This box can be a beautiful jewelry box or for keepsakes.

Royal Crystal Box $245. Shipping $15.


Mosaic Vase

 This vase is made of cut glass that resembles that of a Byzantine mosaic. It can be a beautiful flower vase. Vase $190. Shipping $15.


Announce coming events

This is the mini jewel box with crystals and pearls inlayed in a gold metal frame.  Box $185. Shipping $12. 




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