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Get EMPOWERED with Bianca‘s LIFE transforming program and find true radiant health. See your youthful GLOW reappear and be amazed at how YOUNG you look and feel. The benefits you‘ll experience include REJUVENATION, weight loss, smoother tighter skin, brighter eyes, abundant energy, VITALITY, restored health, mental acuity, restful sleep, and emotional well being. 

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Bianca is a nutrition consultant, lecturer, and teacher.  She has been a featured guest and speaker on the topic of nutrition and holistic health at various schools, health venues, television, and radio. She is a graduate of the School of Healing Arts and the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy in California.  She has apprenticed and worked with several internationally renowned naturopaths and healers; including Peter D'adamao,ND, author of Eat Right 4 Your Type, Paul Schulick, nationally recognized herbalist and formulator, and Steve Schechter Naturopath and teacher. She has lived and worked in Japan, Europe, Canada, and the US and brings to her work Western and Eastern health concepts and wisdom. 

As a holistic nutrition consultant, Bianca has helped many women, men and children improve their health, reverse disease, and reach their ideal weight through a plant based diet plan. She can help you restore your health with her vast knowledge in nutrition and wellness. She offers holistic nutrition consultations, meal delivery service,  grocery shopping service, and catering. You can discover a whole new world of delicious meals with a variety of whole foods plant based recipes. She will share her health and beauty tips in your consultations as well as in her health and beauty blogs and videos. This can have an amazing effect on your overall state of physical and emotional  health. 


  •  Stormy Mc Gregor Bianca, i just turned double nickels and I'm in the best shape of my life. Its all because of you teaching me so much. You kickstarted the process of me feeling comfortable in my body, & for that i am eternally grateful. OXO

  • Jake Penara  Thank you. Most amazing market I ever tasted everything wow :) Wishing you wonderful journey ahead  You are a humorist for natural living. Keep your much needed informative views. :)

  •  David Cook Thanks, Bianca. Watched the video, then went to Shocked to see how many terrible chemicals are in hugely popular consumer skin products!  

  • Harvey Ross You look great looks like you’re back in Florida you did me a lot of good thanks

  • Anna Kulinova I love you videos!!! You look AMAZING!!! 🌟

  • Pebble Beach Resorts  Great Video, thanks for sharing! We hope you enjoyed your visit to Pebble Beach.

  • Jennifer R. Thank your for the video on making our own body oil.  I bought the carrot seed oil and my skin as never looked so good. Thank You!

Genetics is not your destiny! You have the power to change your health!

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This offers you the convenience of eating healthy at home with no cooking!

Healthy: You will feel great eating organic, plant-based meals by a certified plant-based chef. 

Gourmet: Using only the highest quality, 95% organic ingredients, with a rotating menu.

Convenient:We set up a delivery time. You simply heat your meal, dine on fine cuisine, and the rest of the night is yours.

Economical: Start with as many meals per day and week that you need. 



RECEIVE FRESH ORGANIC FOODS: Fruits, vegetables, protein, herbs, bars, and easy to prepare soups, pasta, meals, etc.. plant-based, organic, and healthy.

You can also get eco cleaning, and health and beauty products. 

Let Bianca take care of the healthy personalized grocery shopping while you get back to your work or family. You can choose the time and frequency of your delivery; once, twice weekly, monthly.This is a convenient service for your office needs as well. Great for office meetings too.


BIANCA CAN CATER MOST EVENTS; parties, business meetings, corporate functions, holiday dinners, luxury events, bridal showers, and more. Alone or with her staff she can accommodate small and large parties. Organic healthy plant-based foods will make a hit at your event!

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Cancer Prevention 

Digestive Disorders
Heart Disease
High Cholesterol
High Blood Pressure

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